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Kinesiology Minor

Kinesiology is the study of human movement across a range of tasks including exercise, daily living, play, sport, and work. Course work integrates biological and behavioral approaches using biomechanical, physiological, psychological, and sociological perspectives to study human movement. Kinesiology promotes an understanding of the necessity of movement activities for physical and psychological health.

Students interested in earning a minor in Kinesiology can choose either an exercise behavioral emphasis area or an exercise physiology emphasis area. Either emphasis area requires 16 hours of Kinesiology courses. 

All courses in the minor must be completed at a C level or higher to count for the minor.

Exercise Behavioral 
Kinesiology 220                 4 hours
Kinesiology 310                 4 hours
Kinesiology 345                 5 hours

One of the Following courses
Kinesiology 600                 3 hours
Kinesiology 602                 3 hours
Kinesiology 604                 3 hours
Kinesiology 608                 3 hours
Kinesiology 610                 3 hours
Kinesiology 612                 3 hours
Kinesiology 614                 3 hours
Kinesiology 655                 3 hours
Kinesiology 797                 3 hours

Total                                    16 hours
Exercise Physiology Emphasis 
Kinesiology 220              4 hours
Kinesiology 310              4 hours
Kinesiology 335              4 hours
Kinesiology 336              1 hour

One of the Following courses 
Kinesiology 601              3 hours
Kinesiology 603              3 hours
Kinesiology 605              3 hours
Kinesiology 607              3 hours
Kinesiology 611              3 hours
Kinesiology 615              3 hours
Kinesiology 635              3 hours
Kinesiology 657              3 hours
Kinesiology 796              3 hours

Total                             16 hours

At the completion of minor requirements and prior to graduation the student will need to provide proof of pending graduation to the Kinesiology department, Natatorium 1A. Once minor requirements have been verified, the registrar’s office will be notified to add the minor to the student’s record.

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