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News Feeds

RSS Feed IconStay up-to-date with the latest College of Health and Human Sciences news by subscribing to one or more news feeds. A news feed is a tool that allows users to be notified whenever a new item is posted to a website. A newsreader or feed aggregator program checks a list of subscribed news feeds and displays the most recent articles posted.

The College of Health and Human Sciences news feeds are available in RSS 2.0, an XML-based data format. You can subscribe to the master news feed, which contains news from all categories, or you can select a feed showing only news from one of the departments/units listed below.

How to Use News Feeds

News feeds are easy to use. All you need to subscribe is a newsreader application, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. To subscribe to a feed, copy the link to the feed, then open your newsreader application, create a new subscription, and paste the link into the subscription dialogue box.

Here is a list of some newsreader applications:

Several web browsers can also read news feeds. Here is a list of some feed-enabled web browsers: