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FAQ for Content Managers

How often should I post content?

Ideally, an official social media account would average at least one post every two days, but no more than three or four posts per day. Try to space out your posts by at least a couple of hours so your audience doesn't feel like you are flooding their news feed.

Can I schedule posts to be published at a later time?

Yes. Facebook has instructions on how to do this. While it is not currently possible to schedule posts directly in Twitter, it is possible to schedule tweets in Twitter's sister product, TweetDeck. Please, do not try to use Hootsuite, as the college uses this to manage all social media accounts and it cannot be used by multiple users.

Can I share or retweet posts from the accounts of others?

If you believe the post is relevant and of benefit to your audience, absolutely! Use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to share content; when in doubt, consult the social media guidelines.

Can I post about job opportunities that might be of interest to our students or alumni?

Yes, provided your post avoids a "call to action." For example, you can post, "Acme Corporation has an opening," but don't post, "Go apply for the opening at Acme Corporation." Also, avoid posting job opportunities for only a few select companies – the university wishes to avoid any perceptions of favoritism. These restrictions do not apply to job opportunities offered by the university.

Can I promote for-profit events or ventures using official university social media properties?

Not unless the university is officially sponsoring the event or venture. When the event or venture is officially sponsored by the university, seek supervisory approval prior to publishing the post.

Where can I learn more about using official social media accounts effectively? How can I stay up-to-date on what the university is doing with social media?

The university holds monthly social media roundtable meetings during the school year, and you are encouraged to attend. Also, follow @hhscweb on Twitter to receive social media news and updates.