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Creation and Management of Social Media Properties

Creating a Social Media Account

Departments and units within the College of Health and Human Sciences may establish social media accounts. University policy only allows official accounts for organizations/units, not topics or abstract entities. We have also found that one-time events are not good candidates for social media accounts; such events should be publicized through the accounts for the department(s) or unit(s) organizing the event. Currently, the college's focus is on Facebook and Twitter; however, plans are under development to expand into other social networks like Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

It is not permissible to create social media accounts on the behalf of Kansas State University without obtaining prior written approval from the university.

If you would like to create one or more social media properties for your department or unit, first be sure you have read and understand the social media guidelines, particularly the section titled, "Before you begin." Then complete the required form (pdf) to request an official K-State social media account. Return the completed and signed form to the Computing Support Group in 121C Justin Hall. After your form submission is processed, you will receive additional information about the next steps in the process.

A Note About Facebook

Currently, you do not need to submit a request to create a Facebook group; however, a submission is required for creating a Facebook page. See the difference between Facebook pages and groups.

Student Organizations Registered with OSAS

Students who intend create social media properties for their student organization are not required to submit a request.

Content Managers

It is recommended each official social media account have at least two content managers; that is, people who will post content and interact with followers on behalf of the account. Content managers should work together to coordinate a consistent flow of content from the account. To authorize individuals to act as content managers for your official social media account(s), each individual must submit a signed authorization form (pdf) to the Computing Support Group in 121C Justin Hall. Content managers must possess a strong working knowledge of the university's social media guidelines.

In the event an approved content manager is no longer responsible for managing content on your official social media account(s), the person responsible to the account(s) should notify hhsweb@k-state.edu.

Managing Credentials

Each social media platform has their own set of credentials and authentication mechanisms. Some are very robust and flexible, and others are comparatively simplistic. Only individuals who have an authorization form on file should have access to these credentials.


The management of page administrators in Facebook is relatively sophisticated. Each Facebook page has a list of page admins consisting of individual Facebook accounts that have been authorized to act as the page. New content managers will be added to this list using their individual Facebook account. In addition to content managers, the list of page admins also includes several service accounts used by the college and the university to perform administrative changes and oversight. These service accounts are the only page admins allowed to add or remove content managers.


Twitter's account credentials consist solely of the traditional single username and password. In other words, content managers will share the same username and password. The college and the university each retain a record of this password; anytime the password is changed, hhsweb@k-state.edu must be notified so these records can be updated, as required by policy. Failure to provide updated passwords in a timely manner may result in the suspension of the account.

Automatic News Publishing

While it is the responsibility of the content managers to supply current, concise, relevant and useful content to their audience via the official social media accounts, news articles from the College of Health and Human Sciences News website will be automatically published to the appropriate social media accounts for individual departments and units. Content managers do not need to worry about posting these articles to the social media accounts they manage; the articles are posted automatically within 30 minutes of being published.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Content Managers

Do you manage content for one or more official social media properties? Check out the FAQ for content managers.