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Pulse Calendar

K-State's Event Calendar System

Events that display on K-State websites are driven by a web events calendar system called Pulse Calendar. Events in Pulse Calendar can be seen:

  • on the university master event calendar
  • on the K-State homepage
  • on college-level event calendars
  • on department/unit-level event calendars
  • in third-column calendar widgets on various web pages
  • on university digital signage

Because this calendar system is the primary way to reach your digital audience on the K-State web and on digital signs, it is critically important that you provide your event information to Pulse Calendar using the administration interface. Each department/unit with a calendar has assigned one or more persons to manage their calendar; typically, they are the same people to manage content for the department's/unit's website.  The video linked below is intended to introduce those individuals to the Pulse Calendar system and show them how to administer their event content online.  There is also a help page with text descriptions of calendar fields, tips and tricks, etc.