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Content Management System (CMS)

When Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz arrived on campus in 2009, an issue that quickly gained his attention was the university's lack of a unified, consistent brand. Under his direction, the university established the Division of Communications and Marketing, a unit charged with unifying the university's voice and re-branding the organization into a singular "Kansas State University."

K-State's public-facing website is a major component of the university's image, and therefore it is heavily involved in university branding efforts. In the spring of 2011, the university purchased OmniUpdate to serve as the university Content Management System (CMS). This tool enables departments/units to easily create and modify websites in accordance with university branding efforts. A central CMS also allows for the creation of additional tools/features and integrated social media for everyone across campus. If you have previously worked with Adobe Contribute within the college, the web publishing process is very similar in the CMS: the content manager makes edits to a page using the browser-based CMS editing tool, then they submit the changes for publication, and college's web developer finalizes the changes and publishes the updated page to the live (production) web server.

CMS Training

Personnel identified as content managers by the department/unit will need to attend a training session before they are allowed to access the university CMS. The in-person training is hosted by Web Services on the Manhattan campus and lasts about 90 minutes. See the Web Services page about training options to find a time when the training is offered and enroll - be sure to tell them the department or unit you represent. Once you have completed the training, your account will be added to the CMS. You should receive a follow-up email when your CMS access has been enabled.

Additional training resources, including tutorial videos, can be found in Resources for Content Managers.

Additional Resources