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Resources for Content Managers

Tutorial Videos

A series of tutorial videos was created to introduce content managers to the basic concepts of working with the K-State CMS within the College of Health and Human Sciences.

University Branding Standards/Style Guide

As web content is created and/or organized for the new CMS site, please pay special attention to the required standards and styles established by the university. Of particular note:

  • Always use "Kansas State University" on first reference in a page. In subsequent references, "K-State" can be used. Never use "KSU" or "Kansas State" unless space constraints necessitate their use.
  • Use "email," not "e-mail." Use "eid@k-state.edu," not "eid@ksu.edu."
  • Always spell out acronyms upon first reference.
  • Academic titles should be capitalized when they precede a name, but lowercased elsewhere. Spell out formal titles such as "chancellor." In general, use "professor" as a title. Avoid using "Ph.D." unless necessary to establish credentials and do not use "professor" and "Ph.D." together.
  • Degrees are lowercase. Use an apostrophe in "bachelor's degree," "a master's," etc., but there is no possessive in "Bachelor of Arts," "Bachelor of Science," "Master of Arts" or "Master of Science." Avoid using abbreviations such as "B.A." or "M.A." Capitalize only when referring to the official name of the degree.

Be sure to reference the University Style Guide frequently as content is created and organized. For more information about style and branding standards, please see the branding website.

Copyright/Intellectual Property (IP)

As the project coordinator receives content, they need to make sure the university has the right to publish that content onto the website. You cannot simply find images, videos and/or text on other websites or on Google and place them on a university-owned website. If you have received special permission to use copyrighted material, that permission must be documented and on file. The web developer will not include on the website what they suspect is copyright-protected material without proof the university is authorized to reproduce the material on the website.

Personnel Directories

In past, individual faculty/staff directory profiles were hosted centrally in the college. As department/unit websites were migrated to the CMS, those individual directory pages were moved to the department's or unit's CMS site (see an example). This allows more flexibility for departments/units to decide what biographical information should appear on the profile pages, and the content can be updated by the site's content managers instead of centrally by the web developer. The college still maintains an online directory with basic contact information like the phone number, office address and email address of personnel within the college, but it now contains links to the profile pages on the respective department's or unit's CMS site instead of hosting that content centrally.

See a video about working with personnel pages in the CMS

Official University Photo Portraits

Including a photo or "headshot" of individual faculty on profile pages is encouraged. If such an image is included, it must be an official university portrait from K-State Photo Services, which provides free portrait sittings for university faculty and staff for university use. There is no charge to the department/unit or the individual. Simply find a walk-in portrait date on the Photo Services website, look your professional best as your photo is taken, and wait for Photo Services to send you an email with your proofs. Pick the photo you like best, and attach it in an email to hhsweb@k-state.edu and hhsmedia@k-state.edu. The photo will be kept on file for use in official university publications, including the website.