Archived Retirement Guestbook

Virginia Moxley retired as dean of the College of Human Ecology in June 2013. Below are some greetings, congratulations and rememberances left in her honor.


University of Wyoming

Dear Dr. Moxley,Congratulations on a successful career as Dean of the College of Human Ecology at K-State. I thank you for believing in me while I was working on my Ph.D. My professional successes have a lot to do with your mentoring of me.

Catherine Metzgar (2010)

State College, PA

Dean Moxley, Thank you for your tireless work to better the College of Human Ecology at K-State. It has been amazing to see all the changes over the years. Thanks for your hard work and leadership and congratulations on your retirement. Best wishes!

Laura Romig (2010)

Houston, TX

Dean Moxley, Just a small note of big gratitude for you dedication to bettering the College of Human Ecology. The new building is a tangible representation of the positive changes brought about under your leadership. Best wishes on your retirement!



Dean Moxley, First I would like to thank you for the visionary work in the College of Human Ecology! I have appreciated being a graduate student under your leadership as well as a former Human Ecology Alumni Board Member! Congratulations and Good Luck!

Linda Crowe

University of Nebraska Kearney

Dear Dr. Moxley, Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for all your support during my time at KSU (1999-2008). Your leadership and guidance gave me the confidence to pursue other professional avenues after leaving KSU. Enjoy your new pursuits.

Laci Cornelison (2012)


Your leadership to this college is quite a gift to this university. I wish you all the best on your next steps! Laci

Marty Palmer Sprague (1971)

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oh, dearest Ginny, you are NOT old enough to retire! But I just read your AMAZING accomplishments in the Spring FOCUS, and you DO deserve both a chance to relax, and also receive all the praise you are due! Thank you for who you ARE--and all you've DONE!!

Julie (Blanchard) Crooks (1991)

Parker, Colorado

Dean Moxley, I look back with fondness for you and the college during my years (1987-1991) as a HRM student. I was so elated when you became dean of the college, joining a long line of incredible women and their legacies! Now you've left a fine one!

Jana Hawley

University of Missouri

Dean Moxley, You have done a stellar job in leading the Human Ecology ship over the past years. Best wishes to you as you enter the next exciting phase. Best, Jana

Victoria Seitz (1978)


Much success in the next stage of your career!

Ki-Joon Back

Houston, TX

Dear Dean Moxley, Congratulations on your retirement. Thanks for your great leadership and commitment. Best wishies.

Kathryn Lupfer-Nielsen (1999)

Lincoln, Ks

Dean Moxley, I have always appreciated your strong support for the Extension Family and Consumer Science agents. We have benefited from your vision over the years and your efforts to promote Kansas Extension Service.

Allie Teagarden (2010)

Champaign, IL

Dean Moxley, Thank you for your visionary leadership of the College of Human Ecology. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and work with you as a student and an alumna. Best wishes and congratulations on your retirement from a tremendous career.

Barbara French (1959)

Virginia IL

Dear Dean Moxley, I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the notes you have sent me over the years. I think you have done a wonderful job managing the Justin Hall expansion and renovation. I'm proud to be a KSU graduate and admire your success.

Barbara Stowe

Reston, Virginia

Ginny, this note is an appendage to a letter I have written to you. You have made such an important difference for the College your work will long be celebrated there. My very best wishes for you in your next endeavors.

Betty Hilt (1953)

Chicago, Il.

Congratulations on making KSU a leader that others look up to for inspiration. Enjoy your retirement with all Best Wishes in future endeavors. Betty Hilt

Carol Maas (1973)

Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much for your dedicated service to our College and bringing it into the 21st century with energy and forward thinking. You have been instrumental in updating our building, our curriculum and our standing in academic circles. What a legacy!

Dan Danford

St. Joseph, Missouri

Best wishes for your retirement, Dean Moxley. My retired clients are some of the happiest people I know! It's been a pleasure learning in your college and I've enjoyed our several conversations over the years. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement!



As an "old Home Ec. grad", I've enjoyed seeing you - & greeting you - at alumni activities. You were always welcoming & gracious. Good luck in your next phase of life - whatever it is. Your leadership for the Human Ecology program has been tremendous!

Elizabeth Purcell - Keith (1979)

Dallas, Texas

Dr. Moxley - Please accept my best wishes on your retirement! It was wonderful to meet you and I hope you enjoyed your visit to Medical City Children's Hospital. Congratulations on all you accomplished at KSU and with the College of Human Ecology...

Ginny Braden (1969)

Austin, TX

Congratulations! You have been a great visionary for the College of Human Ecology--all your efforts are so appreciated by those of us who have graduated from the college and hold it, and K-State, so dear to our hearts! All the best! Ginny Ward Braden

Harriet Cloud (1944)

Birmingham, AL.

Congratulations on your retirement from my wonderful alma mater. I regret not being able to share in this event. Best wishes for a wonderful retirement. Harriet Cloud

Husam Kakish (1993)

Dubai, UAE

Dean Moxley, may the next chapter of your life and journey be as successful as the last. Best wishes.

Jan Wissman (1963)

Dear Virginia, Thanks for your distinguished service in leading the College of Human Ecology as dean. The college and in turn the professions that serve individuals and family are stronger today because of your visionary leadership. Jan Wissman

Jane Butel (1959)

Corrales, NM

Dear Virginia, I really treasure getting to know you and wish you the very, very best in your retirement, as my favorite toast goes "I wish you the best that life can offer and the time to enjoy it!"! You certainly deserve every bit of it!! Jane Butel

Janet Rediker (1981)

Topeka ks

Congratulations on your retirement and all that you have done for so many the past few years. We go back as far as Emporia State University when you did so much to improve their departments, then moved to K State to continue a great leadership role.

Janice Bates Patterson (1960)

Westlake, OH

May the days ahead in retirement fulfill more dreams on top of those you have already achieved. Your leadership has made me so proud of my alma mater.

Jarold Boettcher (1963)


Virginia, I will always remember our service on the Search Committee for our KSU President. It was a privilege to serve and a privilege to serve with you in this most important task. Thank you. You made a difference!

Jean Reehling (1962)

Tulsa, OK

Ginny, you have come a long way since you sat at that little desk, in the corner of my office!! It has been a joy to see your career develop. I believe God has a plan and calling for all of us; and you have certainly fulfilled yours. As Ever, Jean

Jill (Eastman) Ewing (1988)

KC Metro

Dr Moxley -- As Foods & Nutrition grad and past Omicron Nu President, I thank you for being a terrific role model... * Professional but Family Focused * Efficient but Team Oriented * Kind but Determined You leave an amazing legacy!!

Joan Cahoj (2011)


As a non-traditional student returning to school to complete my master's degree, I thank you and everyone in the School of Human Ecology for a wonderful learning experience! Congratulations on your retirement and wishing you much happiness in the future!

Karen Flanders (Rediker)


Congratulations on your retirement Dr. Moxley! Thank you for your years of dedication at ESU and K-State.

Kent Bradley (1988)

Valley Center, KS

Dean Moxley, with great appreciation and admiration, I wish you the very best. Your dedication to education and excellence has always been evident. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for a lifetime of service! Go Cats!

Linda Steinbring (1983)

Dallas, Tx

Congratulations on your retirement. It was nice to get to know you as a member of the Apparel and Textiles Board. Wishing you the best fun in the future! Sincerely Linda Steinbring

Lisa Newman (2000)

Salina, Kansas

Dr. Moxley, Congratulations and best wishes as you embark on a new adventure in your life. I looked up to you as a student, admired your dedication as an alumna and have appreciated your support as a fellow colleague in the KSU family. Best wishes!

Loretta & Joel Mayfield (1982)

Springfield, VA

Dean Moxley, Congratulations and thank you for all of your contributions to the College of Human Ecology. We enjoyed getting to know you during your visits to Washington DC. We appreciate your support of the military. Enjoy your retirement!

Michael Holen

Manhattan, KS

After nearly three decades as Dean Moxley's professional and administrative colleague, I congratulate her upon her retirement and am pleased to celebrate her exceptional career. Virginia has been one of the most forward looking and insightful university leaders I have known. She has always been remarkably insightful into the emerging needs of her college's constituents and creative in envisioning cutting edge solutions to those needs. Ginnie has led a quite remarkable resurgence of the Colleg

Molly McVicker (1971)

Hutchinson, KS

Dean Moxley, You were "Ginny", the grad student when we first met at Kansas State University. I was an undergrad who admired you from afar as a woman with intelligence, motivation & style. My admiration of you & your contributions continues to grow.

Pat Raskob (1959)

Tucson Arizona

Dear Virginia, Tom and I have been very pleased to know you and will miss you. If ever you get to the desert let us know. You did a wonderful job at KSU and I know they will miss you greatly as well. Have a super retirement but know you will keep busy

Rita Hamman (1972)

Topeka, KS

Congratulations on your retirement! Your vision and leadership have taken the KSU College of Human Ecology to a world class recognition. Thanks for all you have done for K-State and the College of Human Ecology! Best wishes.

Sally Baker (1956)

Granbury, TX

Wish I could have been there for your retirement party, but we had company. I am celebrating a major birthday and our son and his family came from Oregon to help me celebrate. Our daughter and her entire family will be here next week end.Enjoy retirement

Sharon Bairow-Riffey (1981)

Wamego, Kansas

Congratulations Dean Moxley on your retirement and future. I know that you will continue to support the university and your community in great ways. You have been a focal point of the College of Human Ecology and you will be missed by all of the alumni.

Shirley (McAdams) Postier (1960)

Topeka, KS

Congratulations, Dean Virginia, You are to be commended and will be remembered for you vision for Human Ecology at KSU. Thanks for your leadership, role model and accomplishments! Retirement is a wonderful way of life, and hope you genuinely enjoy yours.

Sonja Connor (1966)

Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR

Thank you so very much for all the good you have done for our beloved College of Human Ecology. With every good wish for a wonderful retirement!

Stacy Davis (1990)

Scott City, Kansas

Dr. Moxley, Twenty-three years ago you suggested I visit Diana Jost at Herington when I was searching for a place to student teach. That advice made for the best start in my career! Thank you so much. Congratulations on your retirement! ~Stacy Davis

Terrie McCants

309 Justin

Embrace the next chapter, and always risk being a traveler, not a tourist. A traveler is one who leaves the comfort of the familiar and opens herself to a world that is totally apart from her own, always returning as a different person. NILO, Terrie

Uma Chitra

Hyderabad, India

It was an honor to know Dean Moxley during my stint as a Visiting Fulbright Lecturer in 2009. She invited me to her ranch when I was there. I remain grateful for her encouragement. I enjoyed interacting with her and I wish her a happy retired life.

Vernon Turner

Manhattan, Kansas

Virginia thanks for your leadership to the college and K-State. Enjoy your future endeavors and congratulations on your retirement.

Wilma Tonn Boggs (1938)

Carlsbad, CA.

Best Wishes for a well deserved retirement and vacation. You have been a brilliant leader for our school over the past years. You have kept its reputation strong and honorable, and that isn't true in some of our colleges and universities here in the wes

Wilma Hazen (1968)

Alexandria, VA

Ginny, When we graduated long ago, I knew you would do great things. I have been so impressed with your work at the College and how much you have moved it forward. Your leadership made me extra proud of our profession and KSU. Have fun in retirement!