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Four faculty members promoted

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Briana Nelson Goff and Charlotte Shoup Olsen were promoted to full professors and Peggy Lynne Honey and L. Tonatiuh Melgarejo were promoted to associate professors and granted tenure this week.

Briana Nelson Goff

briana-goff-custom1Goff, PhD, is associate dean of academic affairs and associate professor in the School of Family Studies and Human Services. Currently she also serves the university as interim director of assessment.

Her clinical experience and research specialization is with traumatic stress symptoms in trauma survivor couples, families and children. In 2000, as part of team funded by the National Research Council, she traveled to Bosnia-Herzegovina to assess physical and mental health issues and postwar reconstruction.

At K-State, she developed the Trauma Research, Education and Consultation at K-State - TRECK - program. The TRECK Team is comprised of students and faculty who research and study various aspects of human trauma. Goff helped develop the Kansas All-Hazards Behavioral Health Program, a state plan for disaster behavioral health. It addresses preparedness activities, response coordination, and recovery services in the event of a public health emergency or disaster such as the 2007 Greensburg tornado.

Charlotte Shoup Olsen

colsenOlsen, PhD, is an Extension Specialist in the School of Family Studies and Human Services. A former Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, she assists Kansas Extension agents in meeting the relational needs of families within their communities.

She has published extensively in both the popular press and academic journals. One of Olsen's most prominent works was an Extension program called "Stepping Stones for Step-Families."

Peggy Lynne Honey

peghoney1Honey, who has a Master of Science degree in environmental design, is a National Council for Interior Design Qualifications certificate holder with 12 years large-scale health care design experience before becoming an educator.

Her areas of expertise in the Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design are architecture and design history, design pedagogy and design process and its application. Honey continues to consult on small-scale design projects.

L. Tonatiuh Melgarejo

dr-melgarejo-tMelgarejo, DVM, PhD, received the College of Human Ecology Faculty Research Award in 2007. A member of the Department of Human Nutrition faculty, Melgarejo searches the animal world for secret weapons to help battle deadly human diseases.

He has been awarded a patent for an antimicrobial peptide that he isolated, cloned and reproduced synthetically, paving the way for a new, natural antibiotic. His most recent work has been with wild carnivores in Africa and Mexico.

The promotions become effective July 1.

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