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Jodi Kaus to Head K-State's New Student Financial Planning and Counseling Center

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MANHATTAN -- Jodi Kaus, an expert in financial management, will be the director of Kansas State University's new Student Financial Planning and Counseling Center.

As director, Kaus will work directly with students to help them navigate the financial waters of the current economy and help them plan for the future. The center's mission is to improve the financial literacy of all students and provide professional counseling experience for students in K-State's personal financial planning program.

"We are excited to have Jodi take over the leadership of this new endeavor to help students become better financial consumers," said John Grable, professor of personal financial planning. "K-State is taking the lead in providing students with an on-campus source for financial counseling and planning services."

Services provided by the Student Financial Planning and Counseling Center are free and include individual counseling and workshops on financial topics such as budgeting, understanding credit, identity-theft and investing. A peer mentoring program, where students studying personal financial planning can provide one-on-one counseling, is also in the works.

The center will be in the office of student activities and services on the ground floor of the K-State Student Union. It is supported by tuition enhancement funding allocated by the Student Governing Association. According to Dalton Henry, K-State student body president, K-State is the first regents institution in Kansas to offer a center designed specifically to help students with personal finances.

"Making the Student Financial Planning and Counseling Center a reality will be great for our students," Henry said. "This is an example of K-State not just educating students within their fields of study, but equipping them with the skills they need to be successful once they graduate."

Kaus said her overall focus has always been on relationship management and client-driven service, a philosophy that she'll bring to K-State students.

She has more than 12 years of experience in wealth management and financial planning, complemented by her legal experience and designation as a certified trust and financial adviser.

Having served as a vice president and trust officer, Kaus has been involved in investment and retirement account management, charitable and life insurance trust administration, business development and marketing, estate and conservatorship administration, and financial planning. She has bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from K-State and a juris doctorate from the University of Kansas.

(via K-State Media Relations)

This article was posted on Thursday, August 13, 2009, and is filed under Applied Human Sciences, Personal Financial Planning.