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Media mentions: Doll, '08 grad Luhrs

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gayle Doll in Salina Journal

In a story headlined “Age-old questions about longevity,” The Salina Journal Sunday explored the topic of longevity featuring 104-year-old Anna Winslow. Gayle Doll was the only expert interviewed.

Reporter Gary Demuth wrote, “And there's the conundrum -- while no one wants to die, no one wants to live forever if it means a diminished lifestyle and watching those you love die, said Gayle Doll, director of the Kansas State University Center on Aging, which researches and educates in the fields of gerontology and aging. ‘I've been around a lot of older people, and I have yet to meet one who wanted to live another 50 years,’ she said.”

Graduate Lauren Luhrs in the KC Star

The Kansas City Star published a Q&A with ’08 graduate Lauren Luhrs in the “How I got the job” feature this weekend. Luhrs is a market distribution analyst with Payless Shoes in Topeka.

How did she get her job? She credits a K-State job fair, a sorority contact and an internship the summer between her junior and senior years of college at Lands’ End in Dodgeville, Wis.  She worked in global sourcing. “That gave me great expertise in product development,” she told the newspaper.

Luhrs graduated with a degree in human ecology and mass communications specializing in apparel marketing and public relations, with a minor in business and leadership studies. She gave the 2008 student commencement address and was one of the college’s Outstanding Seniors.

This article was posted on Tuesday, September 1, 2009, and is filed under Center on Aging, Interior Design and Fashion Studies.