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Four professors to edit professional journals

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Four faculty members in the College of Human Ecology will edit top professional journals in their fields next year.

Edgar Chambers IV will become editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sensory Studies beginning in 2010. Currently he is co-editor. He’ll do the job for at least a year, he said.

“My responsibilities as co-editor and as editor-in-chief are to ensure that the journal remains the leading journal in sensory science, to coordinate the review of scientific articles, to ultimately accept or reject articles for publication in the journal, and to enhance the experience of readers of the journal,” he said.

Chambers is the director of K-State’s  Sensory Analysis Center and University Distinguished Professor, Sensory Analysis and Consumer Behavior, in human nutrition.

Kevin Roberts and Kevin Sauer have been named co-editors of the Journal of Foodservice Management and Education. They are assistant professors in the Department of Hospitality Management and Dietetics.

They plan to update the submission process and overall systems, Sauer said.

The journal is published jointly by Foodservice Systems Management Education Council and The National Association of College & University Food Services.

The council’s mission is to advocate for foodservice and dietetic management education, research, and practice and support members in teaching and research efforts.

Walter Schumm, professor in family studies and human services, has been named editor of the Journal of Marriage and Family Review. His term as editor will be 2010 to 2014.

"I will review and obtain peer reviews for dozens of articles a year and decide which ones are the best for this journal," he explained. The 30-year-old journal is devoted to the study of the family unit and the complex issues affecting today's families.

Content includes "cutting-edge research, theory, and practice relevant to a wide variety of disciplines such as marriage and family studies, sociology, psychology, education, child development, social work, urban and policy studies, anthropology, public health and communication studies."

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

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