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Students in the News: research, volunteer

Monday, February 22, 2010

Haruta volunteers for kitchen project

Akiko Haruta, senior in dietetics and biology, was one of six K-State students who spent a part of their winter break helping those in need through K-State's Alternative Breaks program, offered through the School of Leadership Studies.

The students were in St. Louis, Mo., from Jan. 3-8 to volunteer for Saint Louis University's Campus Kitchen. The national Campus Kitchens Project empowers students to recycle food from their cafeterias, turn the donations into nourishing meals and deliver those meals to those in need. On-campus kitchens are also used to teach culinary skills to unemployed men and women.

Cline, Peak present research

Two of the undergraduate students presented their work this month at the Graduate School’s K-State Research Forum.

Laura Cline, senior in family studies and human services, worked with Jared Anderson, assistant professor, on A Comparison of Dual and Non-Dual Army Couples & Factors Related to Relationship Distress in Army Couples.

Madison Peak, human nutrition, worked with Briana Nelson Goff on a project called ‘My Kid Has More Chromosomes Than Yours!': The Journey to Resilience and Hope in Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome. Also working on the project were Courtney Tracy, education, Taylor Veh, pre-med/microbiology and Laura Cline.

Only 10 undergraduate were selected to make presentations.

This article was posted on Monday, February 22, 2010, and is filed under Applied Human Sciences, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health.