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Students call, alumns respond - $100,000 worth

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jenna Simpson

Jenna Simpson called during the FSHS session

More than 250 students raised $100,165 at the annual Telefund this year. Funds will be spent on student scholarships, student projects and recruitment.

Procedures for the 5-day session changed this year, said events coordinator Cara Richardson. Students from a different department filled the seats each night on the third floor of the K-State Foundation on campus. During the final session, general human ecology students and student leaders from the HC Council, Ambassadors, KON and Phi U honoraries wrote to alums not reached by telephone, asking for contributions.

Last year’s total was more than $117,000. Richardson said she expects to pass that mark when all the donations are tallied.

Faculty and staff who dropped in to show support and help out were: Nancy Hansen, Roni Schwartz, Junehee Kwon, Betsy Barrett, Pat Pesci, Kevin Sauer, Mary Molt, Bill Meredith, Chihyung OK, Kevin Roberts, Debby Hiett, Jennifer Rettele-Thomas, Virginia Moxley, Shawna Jordan, Mark Haub, Brian Lindshield, Maurice MacDonald, Bronwyn Fees, Robert Garcia, Beth Shanholtzer, Barbara Weltsch, Karen Roberts, Mary DeLucci, Barbara Hammerli, Barbara Anderson, Sherry Haar, Melody LeHew, Joycelyn Falsken, Peggy Honey, Sally Yahnke, Karen Pence, Gayle Coll, Mary Anne Andrews, Mary Higgins and Madai Rivera and Briana Goff.

Kevin Sauer

Kevin Sauer, assistant professor in HMN, marked a $1,000 pledge with 20 push-ups

Teran Frick

Teran Frick is an early childhood education senior

Mary DeLucci

Mary DeLucci, associate professor at Stone House, helped students

Telefund Students

Students raised more than $100,000 in pledges

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