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Melgarejo, Roberts, Stith tapped for top college awards

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dean Virginia Moxley today announced that Tona Melgarejo, Kevin Roberts and Sandi Stith have been selected to receive the 2011 College of Human Ecology Faculty Awards.  Each will be rewarded $2,500.

Melgarejo: Excellence in Student Development Award

Tona Melgarejo

Melgarejo, associate professor in human nutrition, receives the Dawley-Scholer Award for Faculty Excellence in Student Development. It recognizes and rewards outstanding achievement in the area of student development resulting in the personal/professional educational growth of one or more students.

He completed a doctor of veterinary medicine from the University of Mexico, a Ph.D. in comparative gastroenterology from Purdue University and a residence in internal medicine from the University of Pennsylvania.

In his research Melgarejo searches the animal world for secret weapons to help battle deadly human diseases. He has been awarded a patent for an antimicrobial peptide that he isolated, cloned and reproduced synthetically, paving the way for a new, natural antibiotic. His most recent work has been with wild carnivores in Africa and Mexico.

Roberts: Teaching Award

Kevin Roberts

Roberts, assistant professor, receives the Myers-Alford Teaching Award. It recognizes and rewards outstanding ability not only in teaching undergraduates and graduate students, but in providing valuable information to colleagues, peers and other practitioners in the field.

Before coming to K-State, Roberts worked with Iowa State University Extension where he assisted with ServSafe® classes around the state and developed food safety information for consumers and foodservice professionals. He has 12 years of restaurant experience, most recently as a food and beverage manager with Seven Villages Restaurant, Williamsburg, Iowa. His research interests focus on HACCP and food safety, specifically, overcoming employee barriers to food safety implementation in the commercial foodservice setting.

Roberts has been recognized for his leadership contributions as a graduate student at Iowa State University receiving the 2002 VEISHEA Campus Leadership Award.

Stith: Research Excellence Award

Sandi Stith

Stith was selected to receive the College of Human Ecology Faculty Research Excellence Award recognizes superior accomplishment in scholarship, including research and creative activities. The college’s excellence lies in the achievement of its faculty, Moxley stated.

Stith, professor and director of the marriage and family therapy program, conducts research on understanding and treating intimate partner violence. Her book titled “Couples Therapy for Domestic Violence: Finding Safe Solutions” will be published in June by the American Psychological Association. She has edited three books on intimate partner violence, is author of more than 60 articles and book chapters and has received funding from NIH to develop and test a couple’s treatment program for intimate partner violence.

Stith has been working with the US Air Force Family Advocacy Program since 1998 managing and conducting a variety of family violence-related research projects.

In 2004 she received the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy’s Outstanding Contribution to Marriage and Family Therapy Award and in 2007 she received the American Family Therapy Association’s Distinguished Contribution to Family Systems Research Award and K-State’s Distinguished Alumni Award.

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