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Three selected for leadership bootcamp

Friday, May 20, 2011

Three human ecology students have been selected to attend Leadership Honors Bootcamp in Washington D.C. this month. They are Sarah Works, junior in general human ecology and political science, Humboldt; Ruddy Yanez, sophomore in family studies and human services and Spanish, Tribune; and Edmond Rivera, junior in nutritional sciences, Dodge City.

The College of Human Ecology fully funds the students.

At the bootcamp, students from around the country learn leadership skills and training in a five-day intensive program.

The program offers participants a personalized assessment of their leadership skills and then provides them with the tools for empowerment to lead virtually any group. Sessions focus on understanding the dynamics of group behavior, becoming an intentional leader, developing yourself as a leader and putting new leadership skills and strategies to work.

The curriculum was developed by Rod Napier, a former Wharton School Fellow and an executive coach who has written books on leadership.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

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