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Chambers, Adhikari help train teachers in food safety at Olathe campus

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Delores Chambers and Koushik Adhikari participated in a workshop at K-State Olathe to update science teachers on the latest food safety information.

The June event, Teaching Food Safety Through Food Science, was an interactive hands-on in-service program to prepare 20 teachers to educate middle and high school students about food safety through existing food science units and/or courses in the family and consumer sciences, agriculture or science curriculum.

The intended outcome was to make high school students knowledgeable about food safety, food science and career opportunities related to public health, according to Beth Montelone, professor of biology and program director for One Health Kansas, a sponsor of the workshop.

The workshop was developed by K-State and funded by the Kansas Health Foundation. Its mission is to promote awareness and understanding of the interconnections among human, animal and environmental health.

Associate professor Chambers and assistant professor Adhikari work with the K-State Sensory Analysis Center which has a satellite at Olathe.

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