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College breaks enrollment record

Friday, September 30, 2011

The College of Human Ecology set a record with 2,479 students this fall compared to 2,419 students in 2010.

The university also has recorded its best enrollment, according to 20th-day figures announced by the Kansas Board of Regents. A record-breaking 23,863 students are attending K-State both on and off campus, up from 23,588 last year.

Human ecology has 417 graduate students, including 105 Ph.D. students. Within the college, FSHS has the most students seeking masters’ degrees – 182.

Majors with the most undergraduate students are family studies and human services 463, hotel and restaurant management 261, dietetics 235 and apparel and textiles 217. Majors seeing a growth of about 10 percent or more are communication sciences and disorders, dietetics, general human ecology, nutrition/kinesiology and public health nutrition.

“The addition to Justin Hall could not be better timed,” said Virginia Moxley, dean. The addition, which includes two 100-seat state-of-the-art classrooms, will be completed in fall 2012.

The diversity of K-State students also increased this year, with 3,218 students describing themselves as Black, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander or multiracial, a number that has nearly doubled from a little more than 10 years ago. In the college, that number is 286.

The number of students coming to K-State from outside the United States also climbed to more than 1,850 this fall, up from little more than 1,800 a year ago.

The university also saw an increase in the number of distance education students -- more than 2,400. That number doesn't include on-campus students in Manhattan and Salina who take advantage of K-State's online courses.

The college has 289 distance-only undergraduate students and 235 distance-only graduate students.

In the college, 401 (up from 365 in 2010) students are from other states and 54 (up from 42 last year) are from other nations. The largest number of out-of-state students comes from Missouri with 65. The most international students come from China with 35.

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