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Expert in war zone-related traumatic stress to lecture on Oct. 27

Monday, October 17, 2011

Victoria E. Bruner, a clinical director at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, specializes in war zone related traumatic stress. She will lecture about “what we need to know and why it matters” at the 3rd annual K-State Institute for the Health and Security of Military Families Thursday, Oct. 27.

The lecture, “Communities + Service Members and Their Families = Strong Societies,” will be from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at the K-State Alumni Center ballroom on campus. She will review the trends in treatment, philosophy and the importance of communities in healing war-related exposures.

A panel discussion with combat service members and other providers will follow.

Being a war widow had led Bruner in her professional mission to reduce the cost of war to service members and their families.

She was a first responder at the Pentagon on 9/11/2001 and then joined Operation Solace to treat military and civilians in the Washington DC National Military Region. Later, she coordinated a study “Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Victims of Mass Violence” and was study therapist in DoD/VA major research study “Women in the Military with PTSD.”

She then developed a 3-week intensive outpatient specialized care program for combat related stress, serving as the trauma specialist, Interim Clinical Director, Director of Clinical Education and Training. Bruner is working on an initiative to review and support other PTSD treatment programs throughout the DoD.

Before joining the Department of Defense, she was a private practitioner and consultant for UNICEF, FEMA and the International Chiefs of Police. She was assistant adjunct professor at the University of Iowa Graduate School of Social Work and the Department of Behavioral Medicine and Public Health Studies at Des Moines University’s Osteopathic Medical School.

The lecture is part of the College of Human Ecology’s Celebration of Excellence. For more information, contact Briana Nelson Goff, director of the institute, at bnelson@ksu.edu.




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