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Grad students to present research Thursday

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Students from Human Ecology will present poster abstracts at the 17th annual K-State Research Forum Thursday, March 8, on topics ranging from heirloom techniques using local natural dyes to rural community youth.

The event at the K-State Student Union is sponsored by the Graduate Student Council.

Graduate students, their presentation topics and departments are:

• A qualitative study of single-trauma and dual-trauma military couples from Sara Devine (Department of Geography), Michelle Cox, Kali Orrick, Anne Schmitz and Laura Irwin (School of Family Studies and Human Services) Briana S. Nelson Goff is the major professor on the project.

• Heirloom techniques as sustainable textile design solutions: local natural dye sources and hand-woven textiles from Erin Monford-Nelson, apparel, textile and interior design. Sherry Haar is her major professor.

• Cooling foods in school foodservice operations from Amber Grisamore, hospitality management and dietetics, with faculty members Kevin Roberts, Kevin Sauer, and David Olds at HMD’s Center of Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs.

• The longitudinal association between child temperament, parental engagement, and parental stress in a population of single mothers from Micha Blake Berryhill, Kristy Soloski, and Rebekah Adams, FSHS.

• The impact of small town/rural community youth development projects on youths’ perception of social capital and community health status from Sean Jefferson, FSHS, with faculty member Elaine Johannes.

 Prepared by Human Ecology communications


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