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Students published in 'Filling the Larder' book

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Filling the Larder, Feeding our Families features the work of several students who took Food Writing and Development of American Cuisine classes in the department of hospitality management and dietetics.

The book was developed with a grant from the Center for Engagement and Community Development to Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, director of the Chapman Center for Rural Studies in the history department; M. J. Morgan, research director; and Jane P. Marshall, who taught the classes.

Marshall’s students furnished the chapter called Our Community Heritage Recipes. They are Chell Gardner, Annarose Hart, Kelley Nelson, Jessica Pope and Melissa Short.

Other sections were Food Institutions and Practices and The Rural Grocery Store: Past and Present. They were written by Chapman Center interns and history students.

"The primary goal of the project was to collect interesting, authentic stories about how rural Kansans raised, purchased and prepared food to feed their families in times of both hardship and celebration," Lynn-Sherow said about the collaboration.

"The intended recipients of the final product were the communities themselves, but we knew perfectly well that our student researchers would be transformed by the experience: from passive listeners of stories to active authors and creators."

Mary Hammel with the College of Education designed the book.

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