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College faculty honors go to Haar, Kwon, Sellers, Kozar and Melgarejo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Virginia Moxley, dean, has announced the College of Human Ecology faculty awards for 2012.The five will be honored at graduation ceremonies May 12.

Sherry Haar receives the Faculty Research Excellence Award

Dr Haar, associate professor in the Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, is being honored or her work in natural dye and sustainable design.

The award recognizes superior accomplishment in scholarship, including research and creative activities.

“My work falls under practice-based research because the development and making of the creative works are guided by intentional methods with specific research purposes,” Haar wrote. Her efforts “contribute to new knowledge that is shaping the work of colleagues and students,” added department head Barbara Anderson.

Juried exhibitions in France, Canada and the United States, presentations, academic publications, awards for research and artistic designs and two patents for functional apparel make up part of Haar’s vita. She has mentored graduate and undergraduate students who have received scholarships and been selected for juried exhibitions.

She was juror for the 2012 Beijing Institute of Fashion Design and Technology/ITAA Research Exhibition and has served as associate editor of Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.

Haar has been published in such journals as Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, Fiberarts and Printmaking Today. She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a PhD in apparel product design and analysis from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Junehee Kwon also received a Faculty Research Excellence Award

Junehee Kwon

Dr. Kwon, associate professor in the Department of Hospitality Management and Dietetics, is being recognized for superior accomplishment in scholarship, including research and creative activities, in the field of food safety in foodservice systems. She is engaged in integrated research projects that include both research and extension/outreach components and is actively involved in four food safety research grant projects currently. She has published extensively.

Part of a team that has received nearly $2.8 million in grants in five years, Kwon is a proponent of multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary teams.

Kwon works with graduate students and is on the research leadership team for the new Center for Excellence for Food Safety Research in Child Nutrition Programs. In addition she has served on several college and university committees related to research, grant writing and graduate education.

The registered dietitian received a bachelor’s degree in food science and human nutrition from Seoul National University in South Korea, and master’s and PhD degrees from the Iowa State University.

Debra M. Sellers has been awarded the Faculty Extension Excellence Award

Deb Sellers

Dr. Sellers, associate professor in the School of Family Studies and Human Services, was selected for her work with The Assistive Technology Program that responds to the needs of an aging population by providing a new direction in educational programming related to adaptive living.

This award is presented to an extension faculty member who has developed a program with a significant theme that has benefited the people of Kansas.

Seller’s work integrates traditional and modern instructive methods to support individuals with physical or cognitive challenges due to aging, illness or disability. Sellers contributed to three components of the program: Fashion an Easier Lifestyle with Assistive Technology, The LiveAbility House and SageStories. The LiveAbility House includes a virtual demonstration home built using universal design features.

She has published and presented widely on the program.

Sellers received her bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Florida and a PhD from Kansas State University. She has been a member of the faculty senate and received the Katey Walker Extension Development Fund award in 2011 and in 2008. She has twice been honored for contributions to the state extension Adult Development and Aging Program.

Joy M. Kozar receives the Dawley-Scholar Award for Faculty Excellence in Student Development

Joy Kozar

Dr.  Kozar, associate professor in the Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, believes “education requires an eager participation by both the instructor and the student.” Through active participation and engagement, students can gain a deeper understanding and perspective of the course material, she said. “Further, by interacting with their peers, students also learn the valuable importance of respecting others’ beliefs and opinions.”

The award recognizes outstanding achievement resulting in the personal/professional/educational growth of students. Recipients challenge students to reach their full potential.

During study tours Kozar leads to New York and Dallas, students visit many apparel and textile firms operating within the global textile complex, and they interact with professionals, including apparel textile graduates.

“I am driven to impart on students the motivation to be proactive and accountable throughout life,” she said. Kozar works with graduate students on their thesis and project work and advises undergraduates.

She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in apparel and textile marketing from Kansas State University. While working on her undergraduate education, she also completed a minor in business administration. Kozar graduated with a Ph.D. in textiles and clothing from Iowa State University where she received a minor in gerontology as part of her scholarship focus on older consumers. She has published in Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management and other outlets.

Tonatiuh Melgarejo is recipient of the Myers-Alford Outstanding Teaching Award

Tona Melgarejo

Dr. Melgarejo, associate professor in the Department of Human Nutrition, believes “passion for teaching is the single most important component of effective teaching.” He added that teaching cannot exist without mentoring. “Teaching is an instinct, a passionate art, and the cornerstone of a sacred relationship between a student and a teacher.”

The award is presented annual to a College of Human Ecology faculty member who demonstrates outstanding ability in teaching undergraduate and graduate students and in providing valuable information to colleagues, peers and other practitioners in the field.

Melgarejo teaches Life Span Nutrition, Advanced Macronutrient Metabolism and a graduate seminar in human nutrition.

He completed a doctor of veterinary medicine from the University of Mexico, a Ph.D. in comparative gastroenterology from Purdue University and a residence in internal medicine from the University of Pennsylvania.

In his research Melgarejo searches the animal world for secret weapons to help battle deadly human diseases. He has been awarded a patent for an antimicrobial peptide that he isolated, cloned and reproduced synthetically, paving the way for a new, natural antibiotic. His most recent work has been with wild carnivores in Africa and Mexico.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications


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