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Anderson, Kim present at South Korea's Inje University

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Barbara Anderson and Hyung-Chan Kim lectured to students and faculty at Inje University’s College of Design in South Korea this month.

Anderson, associate professor and head of the Department of Apparel, Textiles and Interior Design, presented “Interior Design’s Social Compact: Making Curriculum Decisions Based on a Philosophical Perspective of the Role of the Professional.” She stressed three issues of concern to interior design professionals: sustainability through environmental ethical design, construction and management of the built environment; improving quality of life through design that applies knowledge of environment and behavior; and fulfilling human needs through support of individuals, families and communities in their access to suitable goods, services, employment, education, recreation and housing.

Kim, whose senior interior design studio works with another South Korean university to provide an understanding of global competency for students in both sites, presented “Global Partner: International Design Exchange Project.”

The College of Human Ecology professors visited with five universities in South Korea about developing professional relationships in which faculty and student-to-student interactions through joint design project assignments.

Anderson said a prime goal is to open doors for students who seek professional opportunities on the Pacific Rim.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications


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