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Introducing Center on Aging's Geri the Gerontologist

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Flat Geri, newest staffer at the Center on AgingGeri-the-Gerontologist

Like his distant cousin Flat Stanley, Flat Geri gets around.

Unlike his distant cousin, he has a job. He’s a gerontologist and works full time promoting the Center on Aging and encouraging students to think about aging issues.

Flat Geri worked out at the Senior Center in Manhattan recently with Shawn Sullivan, Kansas Secretary for Aging and Disability Services. He toured Washington D.C. with gerontology students Heath Rath and Jessie Rose this summer. He constantly plays hide-and-seek on the center’s bulletin board in Leasure Hall. He plans to travel with the gerontology student interns and the Meadowlark Hills mentors to Abilene in November.

The idea of mailing a two-dimensional character around the world originated with Jeff Brown in a children’s book published in 1964. It features Stanley Lambchop who accidently gets flattened. Making the most of the dilemma, his younger brother Arthur sticks Flat Stanley in the mail to visit friends.

In 1995 a third grade teacher in Ontario, Canada, started a Flat Stanley project to encourage letter writing. Thousands of classes (including several in Manhattan) from around the world joined the project or conjured up their own.

Meet Flat Geri on the Center on Aging’s welcome back video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqXrEirPCb4 and on the center’s Facebook page.

“He’s a way for us to engage students to get more involved in our activities, and to draw attention to our program,” said Laci Cornelison, research assistant at the center.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

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