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HMD assessment programs earn top university recognition

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two of the eight programs recognized recently by the office of assessment for outstanding contributions to student learning were from the College of Human Ecology.

The hospitality management and dietetics department revised the original student learning outcomes through the implementation of global assessment measures for the program's revised eight outcomes.

Kevin Roberts, assistant professor of hospitality management and dietetics, was the assessment coordinator for the department. Roberts was recognized for redesigning the program's assessment plan and assessment measures to facilitate a programwide assessment of student learning. Enhancements to the program's assessment plan include: A student learning outcomes worksheet to provide comprehensive measurement of all program outcomes; refined core competencies; identification of senior-level courses for assessment of student knowledge and comprehension; and semester-by-semester tracking student achievement.

The dietetics coordinated program was recognized for using high-impact practices as a primary means of student learning assessment.

Amber Howells, instructor of hospitality management and dietetics, was the assessment coordinator for the program. The program is a prime example of using the high-impact practice of internships as a primary means of student learning assessment and effectively documenting levels of student achievement. This documentation provides the program with the necessary information for making programmatic decisions. The value of outcomes assessment for program improvement are thoroughly described and reported on their annual progress report.

Also recognized at the Institute for Student Learning and Assessment was the kinesiology program for outstanding faculty involvement in using student learning assessment for curricular enhancement.

Craig Harms, professor of kinesiology, was the assessment coordinator. The program implements an outstanding level of faculty discussion resulting in curricular decisions and course modifications. The program also revised the student learning outcomes in response to the program's vision for the future. They implemented an effective timetable for assessment of all student learning outcomes and consistently reports assessments of annual assessment findings clearly and thoroughly. The program website is easily accessible and intuitive to navigate.

Others were the Division of Biology, the geography program, the history department, the music education program, the technology management program and the Academic Career and Information Center.

 Prepared by University communications and marketing and Human Ecology communications

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