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Two CHE faculty projects receive international incentive grants

Monday, November 5, 2012

K-State’s office of international programs have chosen eight proposals to receive 2012 International Incentive Grants. Two are from Human Ecology faculty.

Barbara Anderson, associate professor and department head of apparel, textiles and interior design, was awarded $3,000 for "Collaborating with Hankyong National University (Anesong, South Korea) and establishing connections with natural dyes experts in South Korea."

Kristy Archuleta and Sonya L. Britt, assistant professors of family studies and human services, receive $2,500 for "Advanced professional issues of financial planning in the Netherlands."

The International Incentive Grant program helps promote the internationalization of K-State by funding opportunities for global learning, development, research and teaching by university faculty. In total, $23,650 in this round of funding was awarded to the eight proposals.

Projects chosen are:

• $3,500 to Ryadi Adityavarman, associate professor of interior architecture and product design, for "Study abroad program to Bali/Establish research collaboration in Indonesia."

• $2,000 to James Steichen, professor of biological and agricultural engineering and assistant director of the National Institute for Land Management and Training, and Mahbub Alam, emeritus professor of biological and agricultural engineering, for "Rural agricultural training effort in Bangladesh - experimental learning."

• $4,000 to Stacy Hutchinson, associate professor of biological and agricultural engineering, for "Sustainable land management and eco-tourism development in the Altai Republic, Russia."

• $2,150 to Natalie Mladenov, assistant professor of civil engineering, for "Sustainable water and sanitation in Southern Africa."

• $4,000 to Amy Rosine Underwood, assistant professor of music, and Kimberly W. Kramer, associate professor of architectural engineering and construction science, for "Structure and music in prominent European cultural centers."

• $2,500 to Anna Wytko, assistant professor of saxophone, chamber music and music theory, for "Paris Conservatory pedagogy collaboration."

Proposals for the spring 2013 International Incentive Grant are due by Feb. 1, 2013.

For more information about the program, including how to apply, visit http://www.k-state.edu/oip/grants/

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