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Olathe sponsors sensory, food science labs for secondary students

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More than 200 secondary students from the Blue Valley School District will participate in a first-of-its-kind program in food and sensory science at K-State Olathe in November and December. The program will tell students about careers in these areas, as well as enhance their knowledge of science and math.

Students and sponsoring adults will participate in three labs:

* Breaking egg challenge, a culinary challenge for students to properly cook and prepare one egg to the right temperature using science and food safety principles,

* A food safety presentation, at which students will learn about food safety and how it affects their daily lives,

* A sensory presentation, where students will participate in a taste study designed by K-State Olathe’s Sensory Center team, learning how to create and lead their own study.

"This K-12 program is unlike any other program in the country because it provides a rare opportunity for students to learn about science through a hands-on food science and sensory approach," said Micheal Strohschein, director of K-12 Science Education Partnerships at K-State Olathe.

"Without a program like this, students would not have the opportunity to learn about this relatively unknown career that is very important to the food industry," said Marianne Swaney-Stueve, manager of the Sensory and Consumer Research Center at K-State Olathe. "Large companies are continually recruiting sensory scientists, and it is our goal to make students aware of the field and hopefully interest a few of them to pursue an education that would prepare them for the job."

The research center is part of Human Ecology’s Sensory Analysis Center.

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