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Consumer tests completed; pets get leftovers

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Sensory and Consumer Research Center at K-State Olathe recently donated nearly 8 tons of dog and cat food to local animal shelters and pet adoption agencies. The pet food was left over from a consumer study with a feed manufacturer.

“We usually don't get that much; this was an unusually large test,” said Edgar Chambers, director of the Sensory Analysis Center at K-State. “This was a home use test so each consumer received a large bag of dog or cat food.”

The Olathe center is a branch of the Sensory Analysis Center in the College of Human Ecology, Manhattan.

"The client afforded us the opportunity to donate the food rather than have it returned," added Marianne Swaney-Stueve, manager of the Olathe center and  research assistant professor in the Department of Human Nutrition. "We were excited to be able to put the food to good use and appreciate the client trusting our recommendations to benefit these organizations in our community."

More than 7,600 pounds of dry dog food and 7,900 pounds of dry cat food were delivered to Wayside Waifs, the Great Plains SPCA, the Olathe Animal Shelter, Greater Kansas City Humane Society and Country Kennels. The pet food was used in shelters and pet food banks open to people needing help in feeding their animals.

“Historically, when we are done with a test, we give extra product sent by the client to the Manhattan Breadbasket if it is still within date code,” Chambers said. “In recent years we have seen a reduction in the amount of extra product we receive as companies are more careful in the amounts they send.”

The Olathe center, a full service consumer research facility, offers both qualitative and quantitative research in addition to consulting and project management.

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