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AT faculty, students present at international conference

Friday, November 30, 2012

Students and faculty from the department of apparel, textiles and interior design presented at the 2012 International Textile and Apparel Association in Honolulu, Nov. 13-17. Faculty and their research papers were:

Hawaiian upcycled bandeau and shorts by Sherry Haar and student Kelsie Doty.

• Rick Cottle, "Statistical Human Body Form Classification: Methodology Development and Application"

• Sherry Haar, "Comparison of Aluminum Mordanted and Nonmordanted Wool and Cotton Dyed with Walnut" with undergraduate Kelsie Doty; and "War Brides: A Practice-Based Examination of Translating Women's Voices into Textile Art"

• Kim Hiller-Connell, "The Role of Dress in Women's Transition From Iranians To Iranian-Americans"; and "Using Normative Social Influence To Motivate Sustainable Apparel Purchasing Behaviors"

• Melody LeHew, "The Integration of Sustainability in Textiles and Apparel Education: Key Stakeholder Narratives"

• Minyoung Suh, "Development of Wireless Transmission between Inductively Coupled Layers in Smart Clothing."

Also presenting was graduate student Erin Monfort-Nelson on "Socially Responsible Consumer Behavior in Apparel and Textiles: Developing a Conceptual Model To Guide Future Research."

In the juried design exhibition, Doty and her faculty mentor Haar showed two sustainable designs - Hawaiian Upcycled Halter Dress and Hawaiian Upcycled Shorts and Bandeau.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications


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