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Kappa Omicron Nu initiates 53 students

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Research, leadership and scholarship excellence has earned 53 Kansas State University students membership in Kappa Omicron Nu, a national human ecology honor society.

Students and their majors are:

Apparel and textile design: Sarah Budke, sophomore; Alexandria Mitchell, senior; and Alicia Holl, master's student.

Athletic training: Braden Hynek, senior.

Communications sciences and disorders: Abigail Kaplan, sophomore; Abby Reynolds, sophomore; Anne Jansen, senior; Molly Rappold, sophomore; Jackie Lehechka, sophomore; Alexandra Dawes, sophomore; and Rebecca Hamilton, senior.

Dietetics: Callie Farrell, sophomore; Anne Pitts, senior; Kathleen Allin, senior; Katheryn Cornett, junior; Erika Schiller, sophomore; Emily Boatman, sophomore; Jennifer Morris, senior; Dayna Pachta, junior; Zhangmuge Cheng, sophomore; Nicole Douglas, senior; Jennifer Bange, master's student; Pamela Lund, senior; Christina Edenfield, senior; Kelly Freno, senior; and Meagan Pollak, senior.

Early childhood education: Natalie Hoffman, sophomore, and Tristen Snelling, sophomore.

Family studies and human services: Baillie Woydziak, senior; Molly DeBusk, sophomore; Caroline Toler, sophomore; Amanda Privitera, junior; Michael Armour, master's student; Chelsee Short, junior; Caysi Gatts, sophomore; Logan Wardyn, sophomore; Amanda Mellenbruch, sophomore; Ashley Webster, master's student; Rebecca Griffin, master's student; and Jamie Norris, senior.

Food service and hospitality management: Becky Bolte, master's student;

Gerontology: Janet Clearwater, Mark Markeson, and Lakan Shippy, all master's students.

Human nutrition: Katherine Gallo, doctoral student.

Interior design: Emma Wilson, sophomore; Shawna Scovell, junior; Haoran Hu, senior; and Melissa Montgomery, sophomore.

Nutrition and kinesiology: Joseph Augustine, sophomore.

Personal financial planning: Cametra Thompson, doctoral student.

Public health nutrition: Alison Sharpe, sophomore, and Jill Robl, senior.

Membership in Kappa Omicron Nu is extended to undergraduate and graduate students who have demonstrated integrity, high standards of scholarship and the promise of future achievement. Undergraduate students must have completed 45 semester hours and have a minimum grade point average of at least 3.5. Graduate students must have completed 15 semester hours of graduate work and have a minimum grade point average of 3.7.

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