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Amber Howells to receive Bedford award

Friday, April 12, 2013

Amber Howells

Amber Howells

Amber Howells has been selected to receive the 2013 Mary Ruth Bedford Distinguished Faculty Award in the department of hospitality management and dietetics.

A registered dietitian with 10 years clinical experience in acute and long-term care, Howells is director of the coordinated program in dietetics in the College of Human Ecology. She teaches clinical dietetics courses, counseling strategies in dietetics and communication competencies in dietetics.

Howells has a master’s degree from Kansas State University in foodservice and hospitality management and dietetics administration and a B.S. in dietetics. She interned at the New York Institute of Technology. She served as clinical dietitian at Morrison Senior Dining in New York, Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community and Mercy Regional Health Center, Manhattan.

The award, supported by Mary Ruth Bedford, El Paso, Tx., is awarded to a faculty member involved in dietetics and food service management who has demonstrated excellence in teaching and research. Bedford graduated from K-State in 1971 with a master’s degree in dietetics and institutional management, and earned a doctorate in adult education in 1975.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

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