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Kinesiology senior receives cancer research award

Friday, December 6, 2013

Benton McGivern, senior in kinesiology, has received a Johnson Cancer Research Center’s undergraduate Cancer Research Award.

The program promotes early participation in laboratory research, encouraging students to consider careers in cancer research and medicine while they're still deciding what academic and professional paths to take.

"We are enlisting a new generation of cancer researchers and medical workers, and helping train them to do scientific research," said Rob Denell, center director and a university distinguished professor of biology.

The program, funded through private gifts, provides $1,000 awards to about 50 students a year, and $1,000 per student for research expenses.

"These are outstanding students working closely with faculty on real research projects, and some, as we've seen in the past, will undoubtedly go on to be top scientists and physicians," Denell said.

Students applied for the awards by co-writing research proposals with faculty mentors affiliated with the center. The awardees conduct their research in the mentors' laboratories in the spring semester.

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