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Interior design senior earns top honor for workplace design

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sara Gasser

Sara Gasser

Sara Gasser, a senior majoring in interior design at Kansas State University, was one of five finalists  in NEXT, a design competition for students throughout the United States and Canada.

Gasser presented her project to design professionals during an all-expense paid trip to Grand Rapids, Mich., in January. The competition, sponsored by Steelcase Inc., required students to exhibit a clear understanding of an interconnected workplace, creativity of design and innovation.

Participants received information about a client and the client's business mission and interests. Each student designed a solution for a workplace that could be a key strategic business tool.

"My visit to Steelcase's Global Campus was truly invaluable. Having the privilege to meet well-esteemed professionals within the field, as well as the other student finalists, expanded my professional network as well as gave me a broader view of what the interior design profession encapsulates," Gasser said.

Hannah Quernheim, a senior in interior design, Waterloo, Ill., also was chosen to represent the program, which is part of Kansas State University's College of Human Ecology. Each program was limited to two entries.

Faculty advisers for this competition were Hyung-Chan Kim, assistant professor, and Migette Kaup, associate professor, in the apparel, textiles and interior design department.

"Sara has demonstrated the design and critical thinking skills that give our students a unique edge in the interior design profession," Kaup said.

Prepared by Human Ecology communications

This article was posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014, and is filed under College News, Interior Design and Fashion Studies.