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Musch awarded highest research excellence honor from Vet Med

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tim Musch has received the Zoetis Animal Health Award for Research Excellence, the highest honor for research presented by Kansas State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Tim Musch

Tim Musch

Musch, who is a professor of anatomy and physiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine and a professor of kinesiology and interim associate dean for research and scholarship in the College of Human Ecology, received the award at the annual Phi Zeta Research Day on March 4.

Musch teaches both graduate and undergraduate exercise physiology in the College of Human Ecology and teaches Veterinary Physiology 1 and 2 in the College of Veterinary Medicine. He co-directs the Clarenburg Cardiorespiratory Research Laboratory with David Poole, who is also a professor of anatomy and physiology and kinesiology.

Musch's fields of research include chronic — congestive — heart failure and how this disease affects skeletal muscle blood flow, oxygen delivery and function.

"Heart disease remains the No. 1 killer in the United States today, and individuals who have suffered a heart attack, valvular disease or chronic hypertension will develop the syndrome known as chronic, or congestive, heart failure, or CHF," Musch said.

"The hallmark of CHF is exercise intolerance which can produce large reductions in the work capacity and standard of living of individuals — and animals such as dogs and cats — afflicted with this disease. Our research laboratory is dedicated to understanding the mechanisms of skeletal muscle dysfunction that occurs with this disease and possible therapeutic treatments, including exercise training, nutritional supplements and drug treatments that may be used in helping this patient population."

"Dr. Musch is a talented and sincere researcher, teacher and mentor with an extremely high level of commitment to his professional career and to the development of research professionals. His recent and established physiological 'footprint' is outstanding as evidenced by his seminal contributions to understanding vascular regulation and muscle function in health and disease," said Michael Kenney, head of the anatomy and physiology department.

In 2013, Musch won the Arthur C. Guyton Physiology Educator of the Year, the most distinguished national physiology teaching award presented by the American Physiological Society.

Musch has graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He did a postdoctoral fellowship in cardiovascular research at the University of Texas Health Science Center-Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas.

Prepared by the College of Veterinary Medicine

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