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Human Ecology students tapped for honors, scholarships

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Several College of Human Ecology students have received funding and other honors connected to their research efforts ranging from historic preservation to exercise physiology.

Research is part of the educational experience the college advocates for its more than 3,000 undergraduate students.

Interior Design student takes part in Seneca historic structure plan

Sarah Jackson, interior design senior, is part of an interdisciplinary group of 11 Kansas State University students — working as a team with faculty advisers, members of the Nemaha County Historical Society and a representative from the Kansas Preservation Alliance — that recently completed an undergraduate research project investigating the Nemaha County Temple of Honor in Seneca.

The group produced preliminary drawings and narratives of proposed preservation improvements for the historic structure, along with recommended priorities and cost information. The information will be used to provide technical background for current and future grant requests by the Nemaha County Historical Society, as well as for the undertaking of future design and construction efforts.

The team was assembled and coordinated by Ray Yunk, department head of architectural engineering and construction science. Faculty advisers included Barbara Anderson, head of the Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design.

Nutrition student awarded $1,000 for research

Alex Fees, junior in nutritional sciences, has been awarded a $1,000 research award from the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry. He is expected to work for more than 100 hours on a project this spring with faculty oversight.

His work is associated with an undergraduate research project that will determine the effects of sodium nitrate supplementation on the delivery/utilization of oxygen during exercise in rats with chronic heart failure (CHF) induced by a surgical myocardial infarction (MI).

The Clarenburg Cardiopulmonary Research Laboratory recently has  produced significant experimental evidence demonstrating that sodium nitrate supplementation may be an effective therapy in the treatment of patients/animals with CHF with profound skeletal muscle performance deficits.  Fees’ project will continue in a line of investigations that will help determine the potential mechanisms in which sodium nitrate supplementation may increase nitric oxide bioavailability in the working (contracting) muscle and thereby enhance skeletal muscle exercise performance, according to Tim Musch, who directs the lab with David Poole. Both are professors in kinesiology.

This summer Fees was one of four students who participated in the 2014 Leadership Honor Bootcamp in Washington, D.C. The intensive five-day programs strive to give university students the skills necessary to effectively lead others. They study leadership theories and group behavior, and receive one-one-one coaching.

Two HMD seniors receive $5,000 scholarships

Two seniors in the Department of Hospitality Management and Dietetics have been awarded $5,000 scholarships. They are Jessalyn Strahm, hospitality management, and Cynthia Arias-Dowling, dietetics.

The National Association of College and University Food Services Clark DeHaven Scholarship Trust gave four national scholarships to students enrolled in academic programs related to foodservice management. Half of the scholarships went to Kansas State University students.

“Having our students get 50 percent of the $20,000 is remarkable,” said Mary Molt, assistant professor in the College of Human Ecology and assistant director in Housing and Dining Services.

Students earn national exercise physiology awards

Four K-State students received awards from the Environmental and Exercise Physiology Section of the American Physiological Society.

They work in the Clarenburg Cardiopulmonary Research Laboratory with David Poole and Tim Musch, both professors in the Department of Kinesiology.

• Angela Glean, graduate student in kinesiology, EEP Section Partnership for Clean Competition Beginning Investigator Award;
• Scott Ferguson, graduate student in physiology, EEP Section Nike, Inc. Predoctoral Award;
• Clark Holdsworth, graduate student in physiology, EEP Section Predoctoral Award; and
• Jennifer Wright, graduate student in biomedical science, EEP Section CAN-TROL Environmental Systems Predoctoral Award.

Awards are given on a competitive basis of the 193 abstracts submitted for presentation at the annual meeting of Experimental Biology that will be in Boston, MA., this spring.

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