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Australian Fulbright to work on research app with Ric Rosenkranz

Friday, February 27, 2015

Anthony Maeder, professor of health informatics at the University of Western Sydney and the 2015 Fulbright distinguished chair in agriculture and life science, will be on campus this fall working with Richard Rosenkranz, associate professor of human nutrition, to develop mobile applications that will support physical activity and nutrition programs.

Maeder is one of two Fulbright scholars who will be at Kansas State University as part of the university's Australia initiative.

He studies methods to promote healthy lifestyles in children and adolescents through the use of mobile devices.

Maeder and Rosenkranz, who participated in K-State’s Oz to Oz program with Australia last summer, currently collaborate on the Walk 2.0 project.

"I am looking forward to working with Dr. Ric Rosenkranz and his colleagues to blend my information and communications technology interests with his health sciences expertise," Maeder said. "We are hoping this will lead to some significant multidisciplinary research outcomes in the emerging area of health informatics."

Rosenkranz explained that they will be working on the SWITCH project based at Iowa State. “Maeder will lead the technical development of an app and integration with the website. It will be aimed at helping foster parent and school connections for the public health effort to help elementary school kids ‘SWITCH what they Do, View, and Chew,’" he said.

The app will be used for research and public health practice.

Kansas State University was the first U.S. education institutional partner of the Australian-American Fulbright Commission. As part of the partnership, the university provides annual funding for two Australian researchers to live and work in Manhattan for six months while collaborating with K-State researchers.

The second Fulbright scholar, Scott Chapman, is a crop physiologist at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, or CSIRO, and the University of Queensland, who will research wheat plant growth in response to field stress conditions.

Prepared by College of Human Ecology communications and the Division of Communications and Marketing at Kansas State University

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