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Kinesiology honors scholarship winners

Thursday, May 7, 2015

More than a dozen students were honored at the recent Kinesiology Scholarship Celebration in Justin Hall.

Chelsey R. Schlechter and Joshua R. Smith were named outstanding graduate students.

Scholarship winners and their scholarships are:

Kayla M. Zerr, Mrs. Pauline Compton Scholarship; Kimberly A. Britton, Ito Family Scholarship; Kayla Meskimen, Eva Lyman Memorial Scholarship; Paige M. Kochuyt, Barbara Moses Memorial Scholarship; Amelia M. Ponchur, Mary Lois Rynders Sykes Memorial Scholarship; Bailey C. Sanderson, Darlene J. Meisner Peniston Memorial Scholarship; David M. Warnky, Larry Noble Fitness Promotion Scholarship; Samantha S. Kannawin, Katherine Horridge Smith Kinesiology Scholarship; Kelsie M. Carpenter, Dr. Kenneth D. Mosely Kinesiology Scholarship; and Kelli M. Stallbaumer, TM Mickey Evans Scholarship.

Department scholars are:

Alexander W. Smith, Bailey E. Snyder, Cheyenne R. Becker, Brittany S. Hollerbach, Julia A. Satzler and Madison Epp.

The Department of Kinesiology, College of Human Ecology, delivers instruction and research opportunities in exercise physiology and public health physical activity. Students may enroll in programs offering a Ph.D., Master of Science, Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Science or a dual degree in nutrition and exercise science.

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