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Six seniors complete honors projects

Friday, May 8, 2015

Six graduating seniors in the College of Human Ecology completed honors projects and will be recognized at award ceremonies on Friday, May 15, in the K-State Student Union.

An honors project is a focused investigation into a problem or topic chosen by the student. With guidance from a faculty adviser, the student reviews the literature, develops a research question or topic, collects data and writes a report, according to Shawna Jordan, assistant dean for student support.

Students, their topics and their mentors are:

Samantha Claassen, human nutrition and dietetics. With mentorship from Ric Rosenkranz, associate professor in human nutrition, she completed her honors project titled "Nutrition and Physical Activity Challenges for Aging Populations in the Rural Whitewater/Potwin Community.”

Dani Dobratz, public health nutrition. With mentorship from Tanda Kidd, associate professor in human nutrition, she completed her honors project titled "You Are What You Eat."

Caysi Gatts, family studies and human services. Her project is titled "A Framework for Understanding Post-traumatic Stress Disorder as a Chronic Illness." Family studies and human services professor Briana Nelson Goff served as her mentor.

Melissa Montgomery, interior design, completed her project with Bryan Orthel, assistant professor in interior design, as her mentor. Her thesis is titled "Biophilic Design: Benefits Explored Through Human Ecology.”

Abby Reynolds, communication sciences and disorders master's program. Her project was "Dynamic Assessment of Word Learning Strategies with a Child with ASD." Deb Burnett, assistant professor in communication sciences and disorders, was her mentor for the project.

Jessica Spencer, athletic training. She completed her honors project "Traumatic Brain Injuries: Reliability of Concussion Testing and Effects of Multiple Concussions in Athletes,” which emphasizes the consequences of head injuries in athletes. Her mentor was Shawna Jordan, assistant professor and director of the athletic training program.

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