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Journal ranks Sensory Analysis Center top in research publications worldwide

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 sensory lab 520When it comes to sensory research influence, Kansas State University's Sensory Analysis Center is tops in the world according to the first-ever ranking of institutions by the Journal of Sensory Studies.

Rankings were based on a combination of research articles published and number of citations from 2009 to 2015.

Edgar Chambers IV. In the photo above, xxxx works in the Sensory Analysis Center lab.

Edgar Chambers IV. In the photo above, Ph.D. student Sirichat Chanadang works in the Sensory Analysis Center lab.

Edgar Chambers IV, university distinguished professor and director of the center, was ranked No. 1 in list of 784 individuals worldwide for sensory research influence. Delores Chambers, professor and co-director of the center, ranked No. 5.

"We are especially proud that Kadri Koppel, our newest assistant professor who has only been with us for three years, ranked No. 40," Edgar Chambers said.

Kansas State University's influence score was almost double the No. 2 institution, North Carolina State, and triple that of the University of California, Davis, which ranked No. 4.

"The Sensory Analysis Center is an integral part of the teaching and research mission of the College of Human Ecology," said John Buckwalter, dean. "For example, the College of Human Ecology's research and scholarship focus on health and human behavior is exemplified by the Sensory Analysis Center's work related to consumer behavior and food safety. As international leaders in conducting important, high-impact research, the sensory analysis program educates graduate students for leading sensory roles in business and industry as well as academia."

"We are proud of the entire team, and especially Dr. Edgar Chambers, for succeeding well above their peers in research publications," said Mark Haub, head of the human nutrition department. The center is part of the department in the College of Human Ecology.

For nearly 30 years, the Sensory Analysis Center has conducted sensory and consumer research all over the world, serving clients and investigating scientific understand in the field. Academic research encompasses food science, marketing and psychology.

Published by Wiley, the international, multidisciplinary Journal of Sensory Studies promotes technical and practical advancements in sensory science. The journal keeps statistics so it can track key authors and institutions.

Kansas State University's College of Human Ecology offers Master of Science and doctoral degrees that specialize in sensory analysis and consumer behavior.

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