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Chambers judges elite coffee competition in Columbia

Monday, September 14, 2015

Edgar Chambers IV, university distinguished professor and director of the Sensory Analysis Center, was invited to judge the finals of the Top Quality Colombian Coffee Competition in Neiva, Colombia, last week.

Edgar Chambers

Edgar Chambers

He also was one of the presenters, talking on Advances in Sensory Evaluation of Coffee.

The competition was among producers from the entire various coffee growing regions in Colombia. From a field of more than 250 coffees, 25 finalists were selected. Chambers was part of an international panel selecting the top 10 coffees that will be available for special purchase by U.S. and European coffee distributors over the next year.

The event was expected to include more than 1000 attendees, 20 presentations and various panels of roasters, importers and producers.

Colombia is the best known coffee growing country in the world and produces Arabica coffee used known around the world for its quality, Chambers said.

The Sensory Analysis Center is part of the Department of Human Nutrition, College of Human Ecology, at K-State.

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