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College of Health and Human Sciences

Introducing the 2015-2016 alumni advisory board

Friday, November 20, 2015

Officers of the current College of Human Ecology Alumni Board are Diane Parks, president, Vail, CO, 1974 B.S. clothing and textiles; Catherine Metzgar Lo, president elect, Urbana, IL, 2010 B.S. nutrition/kinesiology and dietetics; and Hillary L’Ecuyer, secretary, Merriam, 2014 B.S. interior design.

Board members include Shawn Bloom, Alexandria, VA, 1987 B.S. biochemistry and gerontology; Samantha Claassen, Wichita, 2015 B.S. nutritional sciences and dietetics; Jami Dunbar, Fulton, MD, 1996 B.S. apparel design; Chloe Ferrell, HE council president, Manhattan, senior in hospitality management; Kenneth Fox, Devon, UK, 1981 M.S. health and physical education;

Lynette Fraga, Alexandria, VA, 2006 Ph.D. family studies and human services; Courtney Gonzalez, Stamford, CT, 2006 B.S. apparel merchandising; Janice Hamilton, New York, NY, 1965 M.S. clothing and textiles; John Ross Harmon, Garden City, 2007 B.S. hotel and restaurant management; Dennis Hulsing, Asheville, NC, 1985 B.S. business administration;

Cheryl Johnson, Topeka, 1983 M.S. hospitality management and dietetics; Pat Keating, Manhattan; Nicholas Leckey, Lake Quivira, 2012 B.S. hotel and restaurant management; Julie Martin, Overland Park, 2002 B.S. apparel and textiles; Mary Montgomery-Shatz, Overland Park, 1979 B.S. hotel and restaurant management; Jennifer Morris, Ogden, 2014 B.S. dietetics; Mary Frances Nettles, Hattiesburg, MS, 1993 Ph.D. human ecology;

Dora Rivas, Dallas, 1980 M.S. institutional management; Rutherford Sanford, IV, West Dundee, Ill., 2013 B.S. hotel and restaurant management; Nancy Scally, Colorado Springs, 1983 B.S. human ecology/liberal arts; Marc Shaffer, Olathe, 2005 B.S. personal financial planning; Jonathon Swinton, Salt Lake City, 2011 Ph.D. marriage and family therapy;

Josh Umbehr, Wichita, 2003 B.S. human nutrition; Margaret Weller, Overland Park, 2013 B.S. communication sciences and disorders; and Lee Wilbur, Little Rock, AR, 1995 B.S. nutritional sciences.

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