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Kinesiology student wins Charles M. Tipton Research Award

Monday, April 3, 2017

Josh Smith

Josh Smith, doctoral student in kinesiology, has been recognized with the Charles M. Tipton Student Research Award from the American College of Sports Medicine. Smith will receive the award June 2 at the organization's annual conference in Denver, Colorado.

The award is granted to the graduate student with the most outstanding research project at the international American College of Sports Medicine conference. Smith's research project, "Effects of Aging on Sex Differences in the Inspiratory Muscle Metaboreflex," explores how breathing muscle work impacts blood pressure differently in women pre- and post-menopause, which could result in practical applications for exercise training interventions in health and clinical populations. This research is part of Smith's doctoral dissertation work conducted under Craig Harms, head of the kinesiology department and professor of exercise physiology, in the Exercise Physiology Lab.

Smith is slated to graduate with a doctorate in kinesiology in May 2017. After graduation, he will begin postdoctoral work at the Mayo Clinic. His research will focus on therapeutic interventions aimed at improving exercise tolerance in heart failure patients.

"Josh's project is an extremely novel and insightful approach to investigate how respiratory muscle metaboreflex is affected by aging and differs between men and women. Very little is currently known about this important reflex that affects exercise tolerance," Harms said. "In his time at K-State, Josh has established himself as independent investigator who is well published and has already made a significant impact in the scientific community."

The American College of Sports Medicine is the world's largest sports medicine and exercise science organization and is dedicated to advancing and integrating scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine. Named for Charles Tipton, the organization's former president and an extremely prominent physiologist, the student research award is highly competitive and comes with complimentary registration, lodging, airfare, meals and tickets to the organization's annual banquet.

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