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Shanklin recognized as a 2017 Icon of Education

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

C Shanklin icon

Ingram's magazine released its 2017 Icons of Education and among the exceptional class was Carol Shanklin, dean of the graduate school and professor of dietetics in the food, nutrition, dietetics and health department. Here at K-State, Shanklin is well-loved and lauded for her dedication to students, faculty, staff and administration, which she has carried through in her multiple roles at the university.

"I am humbled and honored to be recognized as a 2017 Icon of Education," Shanklin said. "This award recognizes my contributions to graduate education, research, and leadership roles. I highly value the relationships I have formed with students I have mentored and colleagues with whom I have worked."

Shanklin's collegiate education began with a bachelor's degree in home economics education, then graduate degrees in home economics and food systems administration. She came to K-State to teach graduate level courses in food service and hospitality management. With her experience and devotion to graduate students, she was appointed dean of the Graduate School at K-State in 2009. Her role as dean is nuanced in many ways – Shanklin is responsible for graduate student recruitment and retention, promotion of graduate education and representation of the Graduate School.

With a heart for students, Shanklin remains actively involved in the food, nutrition, dietetics and health department in the College of Human Ecology. She serves as major professor for graduate students in dietetics and member of both masters and doctoral students' supervisory committees. Due to her experience, Shanklin is often asked to guest lecture in graduate classes. She is also one of the esteemed principal investigators for the USDA Center of Excellence in Food Safety for Child Nutrition Programs and is engaged in the center's research projects.

Each year, Ingram's recognizes those who excel in the profession of teaching and this year, the magazine also acknowledges that education, especially in Kansas and Missouri, is currently experiencing weighty changes. The 2017 Icons are not only experienced in the educational sphere, they have spent a combination of 400 years bettering their educational environments.  

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