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Interior design team takes second place in competition

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Allison Stout, Bethany Pingle and Angie Leek, third year students in interior design, recently took second place in the national Interior Design Educators Council video competition.

The competition challenged students to create videos that engage a general audience to think differently about the human-centered interior design and the impact the profession has on user lives and experience. Video submissions were asked to focus on one of the following themes: culture, pedagogy, practice, social impact and boundaries.

The team of three created their three minute video centered on the aging population. Leek provided an overview to their video project. “The aging population is growing and will double in the total American populations during the next 25 years.  Interior space has a prominent role in the quality of life of the elderly,” she wrote. “Interior designers greatly contribute to factors of change in the environment. We seek to improve independence and movement among the aging populations through the study of anthropometrics.  The main purpose of an interior designer is to enhance human well-being.  Making the public aware of our importance is essential to the understanding of our social impact.”

“This competition was a great way to showcase some of things we are learning here at K-State to non-designers,” explained Leek. “It challenged us how to clearly express the importance of our profession and the impact it has on the interior environment. Placing in a competition like this helps showcase how well K-State’s program prepares their designers for real-world discussions and challenges.”

Though out of class for the summer, the team of three continues to put their design skills to practice through summer internships. Allison is currently interning at GSBS Architects in Fort Worth, TX while Bethany is interning at the Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation in Lincoln, KS and Angie is in Kansas City, KS interning with BRR Architecture.

View the video submission here.


This article was posted on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, and is filed under College News, Interior Design and Fashion Studies.