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Kinesiology faculty present at annual Kansas Physical Therapy Association conference

Friday, November 9, 2018

Six kinesiology faculty members recently teamed up with Kansas Physical Therapists to present at the annual Kansas Physical Therapy Association (KPTA) conference in October, helping provide science-based research to clinical application for Kansas physical therapists.

Craig Harms, David Poole, Carl Ade, Steven Copp, Tom Barstow and Brad Behnke all presented alongside physical therapists in areas of their research expertise. These areas include COPD and asthma, heart failure, diabetes, cerebrovascular disease, blood flow restriction, cancer, and more.

Susie Harms, KPTA president, decided to bring in the researchers to provide the opportunity for clinicians to critically evaluate their treatment interventions based on the research and helped to promote the adoption of the Exercise is Medicine initiative within the physical therapy field.

“The KPTA was very appreciative of the opportunity to collaborate with the internationally recognized K-State kinesiology faculty to promote health in society,” said Susie Harms. “The team of academicians and clinicians partnered to further the understanding of common health conditions including CHF, COPD, stroke, diabetes and cancer and physical therapy management of these states. All presentations emphasized that exercise is medicine and the best for promoting fitness, health and quality of life.”

The Kansas Physical Therapy Association is the member organization of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants that represents, promotes and advocates for the profession of physical therapy, facilitates best practice and assists members in meeting the physical therapy needs of the community.

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