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Personal financial planning competition team and faculty receive research awards from national organization

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Personal financial planning students and faculty were recognized at The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education Annual Research and Training Symposium held in Portland, Oregon November 19th-21st.

Emma Schumann, Tyler Moison, Elise Wolf

The competition team of Tyler Moison and Elise Wolf, seniors, and Emma Schumann, junior, placed 5th overall in the Knowledge Bowl Challenge. Five teams tumbled back and forth with only a point difference between each placement. Each team member received a student scholarship and an AFCPE membership for 2020.

This year, two K-State faculty members and a doctoral student were the recipients of two different awards from the organization, which recognize individuals and organizations across the country who elevate the personal finance field through innovation, expertise, leadership, and mentorship.

Han Na Lim, assistant professor, and Lu Fan, University of Missouri, were awarded the Outstanding Symposium Research paper for their paper “The Relationship Between Cognitive Abilities and Financial Help-Seeking Behavior”.

Derek Lawson, assistant professor, and Joy Clady, doctoral candidate, were awarded the Outstanding Research to Practice Award for the paper “Can Money Habitudes Make a Difference? An experience to bridge research and practice”. The paper was written with Kristy Archuleta and Danah Jeong, University of Georgia, and Christina Glenn, Fort Hays State University. K-State had a strong presence within this writing team as Glenn is a graduate of the doctoral program and Archuleta is a former faculty member.

“We are proud of our students and faculty as they continue to conduct cutting edge research into helping individuals and families make more informed financial decisions,” said Martin Seay, program chair.

The AFCPE ensures the highest level of knowledge, skill and integrity of the personal finance profession by certifying, connecting and supporting diverse professionals who serve communities worldwide.

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