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College of Health and Human Sciences

Health and Human Sciences implements new integrative studies curriculum

Monday, April 6, 2020

The College of Health and Human Sciences has announced a new integrative studies curriculum, better known as common core, beginning in fall 2020. When the college changed their name in June 2019, faculty expressed their desire for an enhanced college common core that introduced students to the areas of well-being that unite the college in their mission of promoting the well-being of individuals, families and communities through education.

The six new 5-week courses are empirically based upon research by Roth and Harter from the Gallup Institute on human well-being.  The five essential elements of well-being include community, social, financial, physical and career/purpose. An introductory course will offer an overview of the framework and the college. Courses will be coordinated and taught by a team of instructors with expertise in the specific areas on campus and online. Instructors will be Jared Anderson, professor in couple and family therapy; Kendra Delgado, instructor in kinesiology; Kim Hiller Connell, professor in apparel and textiles; Megan McCoy, professor of practice in personal financial planning; Kari Morgan, teaching associate professor in human development and family science; and Amber Vennum, associate professor in couple and family therapy.

Students within the College of Health and Human Sciences will be required to complete all six-courses as part of their general requirements. These courses will replace the current foundations course.  Students outside the college may take the courses as unrestricted electives.

Sara Rosenkranz, associate professor in food, nutrition, dietetics and health, has been named coordinator for the integrative studies program. “The mission of the College of Health and Human Sciences is to promote the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through research, education and outreach. These new 5-week 0.5 credit hour courses are helping us to fulfill this mission,” said Rosenkranz. “The focus on well-being is timely, in particular with the current Covid-19 pandemic and the related challenges we are all facing. In addition, there are several different efforts across our campus that are focused on well-being, and we believe our integrative studies courses will align well with these campus wide efforts. I am really excited to have the opportunity to work with such a fantastic group of individuals in creating courses that are impactful and relevant to the lives of our students.   “

Classes are available for students to add to their fall 2020 schedules. For more information on the common core, please contact Rosenkranz at sararose@k-state.edu.

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