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Kim Hiller awarded inaugural Weigand Professorship

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Kim Hiller, professor in fashion studies, has been awarded the Weigand (Barbara) Professorship in Apparel and Textiles. She is the first recipient of the professorship.

“Dr. Hiller is an outstanding researcher and teacher,” said Barbara Anderson, department chair. “She has been a pioneer in her discipline in both research and teaching. Dr. Hiller was among the first academics to focus on research related to environmental sustainability in the apparel and textiles industry and to study effective strategies to infuse teaching concepts of environmental sustainability in the apparel and textiles discipline.  She is consistently honored with research and teaching awards in recognition of excellence and she consistently secures grant funding in support of her research and teaching. In addition, Dr. Hiller serves as the fashion studies program coordinator and has held leadership and service positions in multiple professional organizations.”

Hiller received her bachelor's degree in human ecology from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and her master's and doctorate degrees in apparel and textiles from Michigan State University. While at Michigan State she also completed specializations in international development and environmental science. Her scholarship program focuses on climate change and other environmental issues related to the production and consumption of apparel and textiles products, as well as strategies for increasing the environmental sustainability of the apparel and textiles supply chain. Hiller is also investigating effective mechanisms for infusing environmental sustainability concepts into apparel and textiles education.

Barbara Weigand, a native of Topeka, graduated from Kansas State University in 1943 with a bachelor’s degree in home economics education and in 1951 with a master’s degree in clothing and textiles. She taught clothing in the Wichita and Valley Center areas before teaching at Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington. She then moved to New York where she taught clothing for 29 years at the State University of New York in Oneonta. In a 2007 interview, Weigand talked about her desire to begin the professorship program. “My decision to establish the Barbara Weigand Professorship in Apparel and Textiles stems from my appreciation of the professors who guided me through my degrees at K-State,” she said. “I wish to recognize Alpha Latzke, Esther Cormany and Lois Gilmore. I owe so much to Gertrude Lienkaemper who made ‘History of Costume’ a pure delight.”

This article was posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, and is filed under College News, Interior Design and Fashion Studies.