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College of Health and Human Sciences

Health and Human Sciences recognizes annual faculty and staff award winners

Friday, August 14, 2020

The College of Health and Human Sciences presented their college-level awards during their annual Fall Forum, which was held virtually this year.

This year, the college presented three awards to two faculty members and one staff member.

Carl Ade, assistant professor in kinesiology, was awarded the Health and Human Sciences’ Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant. This award is intended to provide funds for early/conceptual stages of a research project with the expectation that successful projects will go on to further development under other extramural funding mechanisms.

Ade received the grant for his proposal titled “The Role of NAD(P)H oxidase and Protein Kinase C in mediating 5-Florouracil Chemotherapy-induced cardiotoxicity”, which aims to determine if 5-FU induced cardiotoxicity within coronary arterial smooth muscle is mediated through changes in NAD(P)H or Nox oxidase signaling.

Ade is the director of the Clinical Integrative Physiology Laboratory. His research interests include prevention of chemotherapy induced cardiotoxicity through lifestyle and pharmacologic interventions; mitigation of adverse cardiovascular adaptations that occur with long-duration spaceflight; and evaluation of the cardiovascular responses in clinical populations disease progression and following lifestyle and pharmacologic interventions.

Lauren McDaniel, instructor in kinesiology, was named the winner of the Myers-Alford Teaching Award. This memorial fund award is presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated an outstanding ability not only in teaching undergraduate and/or graduate students, but also in providing information to colleagues, peers and other practitioners in the field.

McDaniel was hired 12 years ago by the department to develop and coordinate a new anatomy and physiology eight-hour lecture/lab course that meets the needs of students in the college and across the university. Since her development of this course, the enrollment has more than doubled. Along with instructing lectures, McDaniel also supervises three or four graduate students each semester who instruct the lab associated with the course. She also oversees the department’s internship program; taught several semesters of an online course she developed and is coordinating a new online anatomy and physiology course that will begin next year.

She is highly regarded by the students who come through her courses. On her class evaluations from students, McDaniel received numerous compliments including, but not limited to: “[Lauren] is probably one of the best instructors I have ever had. Her lectures were absolutely incredible” and “overall a great teacher and had a great semester learning about all things anatomy and physiology” and “an amazing teaching who made learning fun and interesting and was always willing to help students outside of class”.

Kayla Schmidt, human capital specialist I, was awarded the Outstanding Staff Award which recognizes and rewards outstanding achievement and performance of a staff member within the college.

Schmidt joined the College of Health and Human Sciences in 2018. She oversees all human resource business for the college. Though entering a newly created position, Schmidt was able to become an immediate asset to the business office, helping the college move to a shared service for all human resource functions and improve current processes and communications through both supervisors and employees.

Schmidt is praised by her colleagues as being a true team player who always finds time to help others.

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