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Health and Human Sciences students receive CHIA certification

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Nine students, eight from hospitality management and one from personal financial planning, have received their certification in Hotel Industry Analytics, CHIA, through their Advanced Hotel Operations class, instructed by associate professor Jichul Jang.

This certification is the only hotel-related certification that recognizes the skill and knowledge that these professionals have and is offered in partnership with STR, the global source for benchmarking and forecasting data. Holding the certification provides evidence of thorough knowledge of the foundational metrics, definitions, formulas and methodologies that are used by the hotel industry. Having the designation demonstrates an ability to analyze various types of hotel industry data and make strategic inferences based upon that analysis. Certification also confirms a comprehensive understanding of benchmarking and performance reports that are used by the lodging industry.

The certification requires students to have knowledge the areas of hotel industry analytical foundations, hotel math fundamentals, property level benchmarking and industry performance reports.

Students receiving their certification:

From Kansas: Andrea Fuhrman, senior, Colwich; Braelyn Hoelting, senior, Goodland; Elise Wolf and Quin McKinnis, seniors, Manhattan; Laura Holler, senior, Protection; and Haley Allen, senior, Scott City.

 From out of state: Konstantina Romaiou, senior, Greece; Kelsey Kimble, senior, Oconto, Nebraska; and Nguyen Tran, senior, Da Nang City, Vietnam.

This article was posted on Thursday, October 15, 2020, and is filed under College News, Hospitality Management.